Creative consulting requires peak performance. Take on the challenge.

What differentiates us

With b-k-p Consulting, you’re the entrepreneur in the enterprise. We promote and demand your full commitment right from the start, be it in designing and implementing excellent solutions together with our customers, or in the further development of our company. As a future employee, you will support medium-sized and large top-flight companies in Germany and abroad and, after only a short time with us, play a major role in Recruiting, Training and Methodology and/or Market Development. You will receive a more than competitive salary; your learning curve will soar, and our flat hierarchy offers you the opportunity to actively create genuine added value.

As with b-k-p you’re a pillar of our joint success and not just a mere number in the HR department, your professional and personal development is one of our priorities. In addition to “learning on the job” you will attend selected external in-service training courses tailored to each career level. Additional training courses are held at 8-week intervals with the objective being to optimally prepare you for your work as a management consultant. Again, you can fully engage with the b-k-p Consulting team from the day number one, actively shaping the future of our company.

Being a management consultant is an exacting job that requires both mental and physical fitness. In addition to a good work-life balance we offer a wide range of activities to maintain the balance also during working hours, be it through friendly colleagues, jointly pursued sports activities, home-office days, Christmas parties in the mountains or extended training weekends in diverse European metropolises. Moreover, we also offer sabbaticals and MBA and doctoral programmes in between projects.

A perfect fit

You have always had good ideas and you know the current consultancy terminology by heart? So you’re the right candidate – but not for us, for we are looking for genuine entrepreneurs who, after devising a concept, also know how to implement it. And we practice what we preach: Consultancy with a focus on people; emotional intelligence, respect and an open-minded, friendly character are indispensable. After 3-4 years with b-p-k you will already assume responsibility for a project, so combining your ambition to be a leader with a h7 team spirit is mandatory if you want to work with us.

In addition to having the required personal traits you have excellent analytical and conceptual skills and perceptive faculties. You swiftly graduated with a Master’s or diploma degree and passed with good to excellent marks. During several stays abroad you have learned to speak English fluently, and you can use MS Office standing on your head.

Depending on your entry level, you have gathered some relevant work experience in the consulting or industry sector or as a freelancer. You love travelling, you’re resilient and you’re looking for a job without drab routine? Take on the challenge and join us!


In between a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree or while studying to obtain the Master’s degree, b-k-p Consulting offers you the opportunity to experience a management consultant’s working day in real life as an intern. On your very first day you will visit a client with one of our teams and support our analysts and consultants in managing exciting projects.

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If you have a full Master’s degree or university diploma, join b-k-p Consulting as an analyst. At this level you already assume (partial) responsibility for individual projects, you find creative solutions in collaboration with our client’s employees and you may even be our interns’ immediate contact.

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After 1-2 years of work experience in the consultancy or industry sectors or as a freelancer, you have the chance to become a consultant with b-k-p Consulting. You will be responsible for individual sub-projects and their content management. In addition, you coordinate the work of our interns and analysts and manage the fields of Recruiting, Training and Methodology Development.

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Senior Consultant

If you have worked for 2-4 years in a related area and are familiar with the methodology of one of our core consultancy areas, you can apply for the post of Senior Consultant. From day number one you will be (partially) responsible for a project and for guiding and leading the interns, analysts and consultants. In addition, you specialise in either Recruiting, Training or Methodology Development.

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If you have worked for 4-6 years in a relevant position with some responsibility for budget and HR management and if you have gained comprehensive knowledge in managing operative and strategic optimisation projects, consider applying with b-k-p Consulting for the post of Manager. You will be responsible for project success (budget, time, quality) and act as liaison between the responsible partner and our client’s top management. As head of the project team you will be responsible for guiding, training and leading your staff. In addition, you will be intensely involved in Sales processes and you will play a major role in the strategic development of either Recruiting or Training or Methodology Development.

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Please submit your application for all jobs only by email.

This is how it works

Having received your complete application papers (covering letter; CV; all relevant school/university certificates, starting with your GCE A-levels) we will take a maximum of 2 weeks’ time to analyse your profile and compare it against our requirements.

If your career history is convincing, you will be invited to conduct a 30-minute telephone interview. If both parties consider the outcome positive, you will meet one of our partners personally for a 2-hour interview. Having successfully mastered this challenge, you will be offered an opportunity to prove your skills in the field.

In the course of a test day at one of our client’s you will work out solution approaches to a real problem and present your results. This gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with the everyday life of a management consultant at b-k-p Consulting, while we have the chance to see what you are like as a potential colleague working in one of our teams. You first day as a “consultant” will be concluded with a joint dinner and an overnight stay at a hotel. After you have left on the following day we will need another 3-4 days approx. to either give you a firm offer or send you a negative reply. If we mutually agree to join forces, we will be delighted to welcome you to our team.

Consultancy with a focus on people.

Our customers perceive us as fast implementers of their operative and strategic goals. In everything we do we always keep our focus on your company’s most valuable asset:
Your employees.

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We deliver measurable results.

There are enough theorists out there. We get things moving in your company. Your chances for success are high and your financial risk is low, for our remuneration depends on results.


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